Integrated Powder Polymer Solution Preparation & Dosing System

This model combines the chemical preparation unit and chemical dosing unit. All our variants have the essential “Safety Features” & “Pr-Wetting” chamber.

The benefit of this model:
  • Effective control on chemical preparation & dosing through one control panel
  • All required safety features are extended to safeguard dosing pumps
  • Required maturing time is provided to the chemical solution
  • Batching principle ensures a buffer volume of 1M³ at all time
  • Proper control over dosing levels will reduce cost
  • 0% wastage of polyelectrolyte
  • Effective utilization of space
  • Reduction in manual supervision
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Dry polymers- solution preparation system

We offer this product for Preparation of Powder Polyelectrolyte solution. All our variants have the essential “Safety Features” & “Pre-Wetting” chamber.

Advantages of the Equipment:
  • Operates in batching principle for proper maturing of polyelectrolyte solution
  • Preparation Tank volume – 1 M³
  • Service Tank volume – 2 M³
  • We also provide Continuous Batching Principle Models
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Liquid polymers- solution preparation system

The intent of the project is to optimize the control over chemical dosing parameters which would optimize the consumption levels, resulting in overall cost optimization. Each chemical dosed has a very specific role to play in the quality parameters of the paper produced; hence we have to exercise a high level of calibration and instrumentation response. The data recording function is extended to the overall project which records the chemical flow and consumption levels against the production of the paper at regular intervals.

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Dosing Systems

Onyx (P&D) Systems provides effective dosing equipment’s which are pre-mounted ready to use systems. We require the necessary electrical supply with inlet & outlet lines.

All components are immediately available and ready for the use in important applications of dosage. Sensor technology, controllers and metering pumps form a unit with the necessary tanks which are ready for operation without installation work.

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