We offer this product for Preparation of Liquid Poly-electrolyte solution for dependable and long term usage. All our variants have the essential “Safety Features” & “Wetting” chamber.


The neat liquid polymer is stored in the Hopper which is fed into the preparation compartment wherein each batch is prepared as per the specified concentration. The level indicators installed in the Hopper ensures that each batch prepared is in conjunction to the specified gpl. This system is based on polymeric water mixing concept which reduces the time for chemical solution preparation. We have designed this system to be compact to optimise space utilisation

The preparation tank is installed with agitator which stirs the entire batch within specified RPM to activate the neat, concentrated polymer and to avoid damage to the long chain compound. The prepared solution is then transferred into the service tank where the agitators mature the polymer solution. This maturation is essential for optimal performance of the liquid polymer.

Dosing Section: (OPTIONAL)

The matured polymer solution is then dosed through the twin dosing pumps which are equipped with all safety features to protect the pumps and sound an alarm in case of any fault in the entire process flow.

Advantages of the Equipment:
  • Preparation Tank volume – 1 M³
  • Service Tank volume – 2 M³
  • We also provide Continuous Batching Principle Models
  • Automated calibration against the set concentration of poly-electrolyte solution (0.5 – 5 GPL)
  • Epoxy Paint applied on all surface area of the tank and angles to safeguard from corrosion.
  • Pre-wetting chamber for dilution of every granule of poly-electrolyte
  • Client preference for Control panel
  • Effective maturity time provided to the prepared solution
  • Online display of volume of poly-electrolyte powder present in Hopper. Enables to check the quantity of poly-electrolyte powder fed into each batch of 1000 Liter.
  • Pre-installed safety to protect the dosing pumps from dry-run & build-up of back pressure in outlet line.
  • Serves the purpose of usage in the following Industries
  • Paper Manufacturing
  • Mining Industry
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Effluent Water Treatment Plant of Industries: Leather, Textile, Pharmaceutical, Food, Paint, All chemical manufacturing industry.