Powder Polyelectrolyte Preparation System

We offer this product for Preparation of Powder Polyelectrolyte solution. All our variants have the essential “Safety Features” & “Pre-Wetting” chamber.

Advantages of the Equipment:
  • Operates in batching principle for proper maturing of polyelectrolyte solution
  • Preparation Tank volume – 1 M³
  • Service Tank volume – 2 M³
  • We also provide Continuous Batching Principle Models
  • Automated calibration against the set concentration of polyelectrolyte solution (0.5 – 5 GPL)
  • Epoxy Paint applied on all surface area of the tank and angles to safeguard from corrosion.
  • Pre-wetting chamber for dilution of every granule of polyelectrolyte
  • Client preference for Control panel
  • Effective maturity time provided to the prepared solution
  • Online display of weight of polyelectrolyte powder presentin Hopper. Enables to check the quantity of polyelectrolyte powder fed into each batch.
  • Pre-installed safety to protect the dosing pumps from dry-run & build-up of back pressure in outlet line.
  • Serves the purpose of usage in the following Industries
    1. PaperManufacturing
    2. Mining Industry
    3. Sewage Treatment Plant
    4. Effluent Water Treatment Plant of Industries: Leather, Textile, Pharmaceutical, Food, Paint, All chemical manufacturing industry

Control Panel

We offer two variants in Control Panel

Control Pack: PLC card with HMI touchscreen

The control panel is installed with PLC to control overall process parameters and automation. In case of any electrical interruptions occurs, the system is fully independent to resumes operation from its last stage of operation. No manual interference is required.

The entire system can be controlled through HMI touchscreen which displays the working parameters of each component in the system. The operator has the option to operate the system on “Automatic Mode” or “Manual Mode”. The HMI displays real time working of each component.

Manual Control Pack: PLC card with Manual Switch Control

The control panel is installed with PLC which has manual scope of operations. The PLC is capable of controlling the operations on pre-set parameters through hardwiring. Once the parameters are selected, the system works identical to “Automatic Mode”. The operator controls the parameters of the system by manual adjustment through relevant switch board. In case of any interruption in the power supply, the system requires to restart its operations from the last stage by manual input of command.

The process parameters are controlled by manually switch/flow selection. The real time running parameters of system component are not displayed.

PLC card with HMI touchscreen

PLC card with Manual Switch Control