Onyx (P&D) Systems provides effective dosing equipment’s which are pre-mounted ready to use systems. We require the necessary electrical supply with inlet & outlet lines.

All components are immediately available and ready for the use in important applications of dosage. Sensor technology, controllers and metering pumps form a unit with the necessary tanks which are ready for operation without installation work.

Advantages of the Dosing System:
  • Single supplier & contact partner
  • Wide range of dosing capacity
  • Customization on request
  • DCS compatible
  • No mounting work to be done by client
  • Wheels with stopper installed for easy maneuverability
  • “Plug & Play” working of the dosing unit
  • Automated working reduces manual labor & improves efficiency
  • All our dosing equipment`s are installed with Safety Features to protect the dosing pumps from dry-run & build-up of back pressure in outlet line.
Dosing Equipment
CategoryDosing Capacity Range (LPH)
I5 – 50
II51 – 200
III201 – 500
IV501 - 1500
V1501 – 3000
Online Dilution Package

We offer an option for online dilution in our dosing systems. These components are integrated into the dosing system and each component is selected according to the category of the dosing equipment.

We offer this package which comes with the below mentioned components:

  • Complete pipeline in Stainless Steel 304
  • “Rotameter” to measure the flow of water
  • “Dissolver”
  • “Static Mixer” to properly mix the chemical solution with the water and form a homogeneous solution