About Us

Our focus is on continuous improvement & innovation to bring state-of-the-art technologies with reliability

About Us

“Onyx Systems has been proudly providing equipment, systems & services that directly or indirectly affects the lives of millions of people everyday. Onyx systems leads the way in developing and offering equipment with a diverse product offering with a dynamic approach for customer satisfaction. We have invested hugely in our R&D to finally bring to you our products which have been crafted after extensive study that would offer reliable and effective equipment’s. We cater to wide range of dosing equipment and chemical preparation units which can accommodate client specific requirements. As we bring years of technical expertise, we offer consultations in chemical preparation & dosing projects for wide range of industries.

Our clientele enjoy a superior performing product & service experience. Our reputation & experience has helped us become a recognized leading supplier in the industry”

Customer Care

We pay special attention to the customer requirement by offering comprehensive and effective services from the first contact onwards. Onyx (P&D) Systems is always at your side, intended to meet your needs at different stages leading from the selection and study of the product, technical consultation for the project, equipment installation, operators training, transfer of know-how and after-sales technical support. Our products ensures reliability along with latest technical innovation at your disposal.


Our after-sales service is highly responsive as we understand the criticality our products bring to the process line. We have a team of experts who are dedicated to resolve technical or any other issue faced by our clients. We also have our in-house software engineers who can provide additional automation at-site. Our spare parts warehouse is always well stocked for timely delivery in case of any urgency.